Immortals - Hades Deck Gilded Playing Cards (Damaged)

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***Condition Notes: The seal on the Hades Deck Gilded Playing Cards has been broken and removed.***

The Immortal is a premium mind-twisting puzzle playing cards containing three series of limited edition Decks.  

The level of intricacy in the puzzle requires both visual, interaction and intelligence thinking outside of the box, where one has to complete the quests in order to solve the mystery. 

The Tuck Boxes of Immortal radiates exclusivity. Manufactured with hot stamped gold, silver and copper foil with embossed artwork on all sides that wraps around the matt tuck box.

The interior of the decks has classic luxury patterns embedded on it. The pattern matches the color and design of each deck, creating a perfect combination that are pleasing to the eyes. All Immortals will be given a special seal from 1 to 500.  The numbered seals are positioned at the tuck bottoms, to prevent tearing of the seals. This numbering requires a special manufacturing process especially with such an exclusive print run.

The court cards feature the main Olympus entities from the main three Gods and the wicked. All Illustrations are digitally done by our artist in much details. All card has its own color code theme with written Elder Furthark runes at both sides translated based on its own deck series.

Each Immortal series is unique even to the card backs with Its intricate artwork printed with metallic inks . Red copper foil for Zeus edition, Reflective gold foil for Poseidon and Silver foil for Hades edition. All edition bearing different symbols according to its own Entities.

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