White Dwarf Issue 489

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After many issues, Flashpoint Rondhol comes to a climactic close as the Great Stomp besieges Everquake City. This issue includes a battle plan so you can play out the siege yourself, alongside a linked Warcry Battleplan that you can play using tiles from Warhammer Quest: Cursed City.

There’s also a modelling guide which shows how the White Dwarf team put together the walls of Everquake City. These are joined by two battle reports – one using the new Warcry Battleplan, and one in which massive armies clash in a 5,000 point-per-side battle that will decide the fate of the city – will Order prevail, or Destruction conquer all?

Sparks continue to fly on the Herald of Misery as the recent Blood Angels and Tome Keepers raid on the colossal Ark caused its warp portal to unleash its empyric energy, spreading arcane corruptions throughout the ship. Four cardboard tokens included with this issue represent these mutations, which have rules and you can use in six new Boarding Actions missions. The Warhammer 40,000 studio has analysed the Red Angel’s Wake mission and provided an insight into what goes into mission design for this fast-paced game mode.

Those are just the two headliners in this issue. You can also find new rules and quests for your Soulblight Gravelords in Warcry, plus a three-player narrative mission for Kill Team and three Horus Heresy missions featuring the Vindicator Siege Tank.

The 2023 instalment of A Tale of Four Warlords is occurring on two fronts, for a total of eight warlords (in this economy?), and White Dwarf 489 introduces us to the Warlords doing battle in the 41st Millennium. 

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