Sidequest: Nemesis

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Captain jessica kowalski's crew got another job offer from the corporation. Apparently, a ship With valuable cargo went silent a few weeks ago. The mission was simple: locate the ship, evaluate its status, and ensure the cargo gets to earth at any cost. However, the last entry from the Captain's journal is rather disturbing. She dictated: our ship AI detected the presence of alien Organisms that it calls intruders. The silence out there is creeping me out more than usually… 

Side quest: nemesis is a new, exciting puzzle game from the authors of escape tales series set in The World of Nemesis an award-winning board game designed by Adam Kwapiński and published by Awaken realms. Side quest: nemesis will provide players with engaging puzzles, an interesting Storyline, and difficult decisions. 


  • 54 game cards
  • 1 answer matrix
  • 8 answer tiles
  • 1 hints sheet
  • 1 character board
  • 1 life support token 1 crew figure 1 storage
  • 8 supplies tiles
  • 4 sets of resources tiles 6 intruders tiles
  • 8 energy wings tiles
  • 1 core tile
  • 3 sheets for creating 3D environment

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