Munchkin Fairy Dust Dice

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Munchkin: Fairy Dust Dice is an expansion themed along the lines of the 2009 Munchkin: Fairy Dust booster pack for Munchkin – with players being rewarded for assisting other players – but it can be used with any of the numerous Munchkin games. Munchkin: Fairy Dust Dice includes "two pink sparkly Fairy Dust Dice" and four new similarly pink Fairy Dust cards. Those cards are:

  • Fairy Duster - Roll the Fairy Dust dice and get a combat bonus based on the values.
  • Fairy Berries - Roll a Fairy Dust die to get a combat bonus. You get at least two rolls, possibly more.
  • Fae Ray - Causes the discard of all cards played to help the monster side in a combat.
  • Fairy Scary - +2d6 to a monster, plus an extra treasure or Fairy Dust card.

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