Hunting Party (Damaged)

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You are on Safari in Darkest Africa. You gain points for bagging trophies and accomplishing your secret goal. You lose points for dying.

In each turn, there are a number of fate cards one greater than the number of players. Each player discards one of those cards and selects an action card from their hand to play (Shoot, Flee, or Camp). Depending on which Fate card is left, each Hunter has a group fate to deal with (Quicksand, Scavengers, etc.) as well as a personal fate (a Rhinoceros charges, the natives offer you gifts, a pitfall, etc.)

Your personal fate for the round is decided by the interaction of your action card and your position on the group fate card. i.e. if you are in position #2 and position #2 on the fate card says a lion is attacking, you'd better be shooting to bag a trophy or at least Fleeing to avoid the attack rather than camping and losing two cards from your hand. If you run out of cards, you die.

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