Waterloo 1815: Campagne de Belgique (French) (Used)

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"For all Frenchmen of courage, the time has come to conquer or die"

With these words Napoleon launched 125,000 men across the Belgian frontier . . . . L'Armée du Nord for his final campaign: Waterloo. Man for man they were arguably the best troops he had ever commanded. They were the veterans, chosen from among the half a million men that answered the call to arms in the frantic mobilization following his dramatic return from exile. Each man burned with the desire to revenge the humiliating reverses of the past few years.

Ahead lay the crossing of the Sambre River at a place called Charleroi; an intersection barely visible on their maps called Les Quatre Bras; a sleepy little village on the banks of the meandering Ligny brook; a narrow bridge at a place called Genappe; a bustling little town called Wavre; and another intersection set amidst the gently rolling Brabantine farmland. . . .a place called Mont. St. Jean . . . . just south of the village of Waterloo. The road to Brussels then was a straight shot north. Two days of hard marching would see them in the capital, three if they had to fight a battle. . .

As Napoleon, can you mass the French in time to crush each Allied army in succession? As Blücher or Wellington, can you mobilize, and then unite on the field of battle to stop the sheer torrent of energy that is. . . .Napoleon?

The game includes three 34" x 22" beautifully illustrated maps and one and 1/2 counter sheets.

- scale = 700m/hex,
- time = 2hours/GT,
- strength = 1,000men (Inf); 500horsemen (Cav); 1 Battery of guns (Art)/SP.

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