Unfinity Draft Booster Pack

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14 Cards + 1 per Pack

Inside Unfinity, you'll find zany new mechanics and loads of collectability with space-themed basic lands, Shocklands, and an exciting new showcase treatment for eternal cards!

Full art basic lands are a hallmark of Un-sets, and players should look forward to infinite Booster Fun with the special Planetary Space-ic Lands, where each land type is illustrated to show off the landscape of an alien world. To add to the fun, there's an additional play object included in every Draft Booster.

  • Full of out-of-this-world mechanics and infinite laughs
  • 14 Magic cards + 1 additional play object in every Draft Booster
  • Experience the most illustrious galactotainment in the Multiverse at Myra the Magnificent's Intergalactic Astrotorium of Fun
  • Just draft, add lands, and play

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