Trailer Park Boys: Supply & Command (Damaged)

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Straight out of the Trailer Park! High Roller Games brings you the Ultimate Party Game - Supply and Command! Like the classic Asshole or President game, Supply and Command lets you take charge as the new park Supervisor. But watch out, it's Survival of the Fitness, where new rules and new dicks can lead to some awkwardly situations. With original pics of the TPB characters, its the perfect game for those smokey cheeseburger liquor parties. Guaranteed to make your night extra greasy! *This game is supported by the People’s Freedom of Choices and Voices Act.

The deck contains cards ranked from 12 to 1, along with two Jokers, Cory and Trevor. Each card bears a number, which is not only its rank, but also tells you how many of that card exist in the deck. The lower the number, the better the rank.

The deck is dealt out to all players and the object is to get rid of your cards as fast as possible. The hand begins with one person playing one or more card to the center of the table. The cards played must all be of the same rank (although Jokers are wild, and may be played with any other cards). Each player in turn must now either play the same number of cards of a better rank, or pass. Play continues around the table until everyone has passed; at that point, the cards are cleared and whoever played the last set of cards leads the next round. After everyone has gone out, the players are ranked. The person who first got rid of all his cards becomes the Trailer Park Supervisor. The last becomes the Shit Puppet. Players change seat position to represent the new hierarchy and begin another round.

TPB: Supply and Command also includes two optional decks, Supervisor and Trailer Park. These cards are used to provide additional advantages to the Supervisor or to make the Shit Puppets' life more miserable.

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