Star Trek Attack Wing: Ships Of The Line Federation Faction Pack

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Number of Players: 2+
Playing Time: 60 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 14+

Expand your games of Star Trek Attack Wing with the newest Federation advancements, featuring classic ships with an all-new look!

This is an Expansion, requires a Star Trek Attack Wing Starter Set (72944) to play

Each copy includes a code for Star Trek Online, for a FREE ship matching one of the ships featured in this Faction Pack, and an Elite Services Starter Pack!*

Fly the finest the Federation has to offer with the Ships of the Line Federation faction pack for Star Trek: Attack Wing! You can be the first to helm the original prototypes for iconic classes, including the Prometheus-class, Akira-class, the Sovereign-class, and the Saber-class! You’ll find all-new captains, crew, and weapons, including type 10 Phasers and Quantum Torpedoes! It also includes a four-mission head-to-head campaign, so you can follow a prototype starship from design to deployment!

The four included pre-painted plastic ships have all-new paint designs from Star Trek Online, and you can use the included code to unlock one of these new designs in the game!

With Ships of the Line, you’ll fly on the cutting edge of Federation technology!


  • 4 Pre-Painted Plastic Ships
  • 4 Plastic Bases
  • 8 Plastic Pegs
  • 4 Maneuver Dials and connector pieces
  • 1 Campaign Book
  • 40 cards
  • 20+ tokens

*PC Only, codes expire 12/31/2023.
**Uses the core rule set of the FlightPath™ game system with a Star Trek twist, but is not compatible with other FlightPath™ games from FFG.
***Exact game components subject to change

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