Shambling Undead-Team: Champions of Death

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Key Features

  • 14 multipart plastic players for a Shambling Dead team
  • Also includes Shambling Undead accessories such as Turn Markers, Blood Bowl balls, a transfer sheet and a sample roster

The Champions of Death team set contains 14 multipart plastic players covered in rusted armour, and eight thematic gaming accessories:
2 Mummies

  • 2 Wights
  • 2 Ghouls
  • 4 Zombies
  • 4 Skeletons
  • 4 Shambling Undead Blood Bowl Balls
  • 2 Turn Markers
  • 2 Double-sided Score Coins

In addition, the set includes a Champions of Death transfer sheet, with decals that feature player numbers and the team’s logo, and a sample team roster to get you started.

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