Hordes: Two-Player Battle Box (Damaged)

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In a fantasy world ravaged by warfare, warring factions clash in a primal struggle for domination. Huge warbeasts stride into battle, tearing enemies apart with tooth and claw, while epic warlocks smite their enemies with ancient spells - in this bitter age of fighting, who will emerge victorious? 
The Legion of Everblight inhabit the harsh frozen northern wastes, and have descended upon Immoren - tainting the lands with corruption. The Druids of the Circle Orboros clash with the forces of Everblight in an attempt to halt their spread. 

The seemingly unstoppable Kaya the Wildborne leads the Orboros attack, accompanied by her loyal pack of warbeasts - while Lylyth, the Herald of Everblight has called upon her savage Dragonspawn to help her repel this dark foe.

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