Dungeonology The Expedition + Erasmus +200 custom Sleeves (bundle)

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Number of Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 90+ Minutes
Recommended Ages: 14+

In Dungeonology you will play a Scholar sent from Rocca Civetta University to study unlikely places, populated by mythic races.

Dungeonology is an atypical dungeon crawler where the goal is not to free the area from hordes of furious and terrifying monsters, collecting huge stashes of treasure or magical weapons; to the contrary, our heroes' job will be to study habits, take notes and stay undercover.

The Scholar who gathers the most or best quality information can discuss their thesis, getting themselves promoted to the role of professor.

The key to your success will lay on a careful management of your card hand, on your path choice to follow and on  your pick-up of available information, trying to avoid all the dirty tricks played by your opponent Scholars. In addition, entering in lands populated by strange creatures could wake up their interest...

The game contains 4 heroes and all the material you need to face the Laetus dungeon that develops on 19 tiles. Every game will be different, depending on which boss you have chosen, on its Panic card and on the Clan card randomly chosen.


  • 4 Scholar Models
  • 1 Boss Model
  • 4 Note Boards
  • 19 Zones
  • Over 20 Tokens
  • 64 Cards
  • 100 Trick Cards
  • 1 Campus Tile
  • 45 Student Models
  • 1 University Bag
  • 1 Boss Card
  • 10 Intern Cards
  • 15 Jinx Cards
  • 16 Randomizer Cards
  • 3 Clan Cards
  • 3 Alert Cards
  • 3 Panic Cards

Erasmus expansion

Number of Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 90+ Minutes
Recommended Ages: 14+

Erasmus is the first expansion for Dungeonology, increasing your choice of Scholars and expanding the game up to 6 players.

Inside this expansion you will find 4 new scholars each coming from a different part of the world: Habibi the Shaman comes from the Nubian region of Africa. Raoul the Brave comes from Madrid, Spain. Meher the Artist comes from Calcutta, India. And Ichcauipilli, who wears the Tenochtitlan armor, comes from the place we now know as Mexico City.

Inside the box you will find new Scholar cards, 4 wonderful models, their note boards, and all the tokens you need to manage their special abilities.


  • 4 Scholar Miniatures
  • 4 Scholar Cards
  • 2 Noteboards
  • 8 Randomizer Cards
  • 10 Tokens

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