D&D Prismatic Paint: Juiblex Slime Wash

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Paint Type: Washes
Dropper Volume: 8ML
Product code: 92.420
Product Produced By: Acrylicos Vallejo

Miniature painting can be intimidating if you're just starting out. This line of paints focuses on entry-level hobbyists and is made in collaboration with the experts at Vallejo. Although the range includes some colours that have been seen before, there are 20 entirely new, D&D-branded additions. Hoping to be more user-friendly with names like 'Scarlet Red' or 'Gunmetal,' these feature easy-to-understand branding that will tell which kind of paint, wash or effect you're seeing at a glance.

"We're trying to develop a paintline that is mainly aimed at people who are not pro painters. The people who are maybe just dipping their toes into the hobby, who want to try things out and not be confused by terminology that's designed to cover all possible applications of the paint." - JD Wiker, producer

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