Coriolis: Last Voyage of the Ghazali

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Echoes from the past, voices speaking about the important task ahead. Captain Ia Kaschares: "The Tsurabi colony has sent us a distress call and we are part of the response team. What we can expect to find after the jump to Taoan is not clear. You've all heard the message. We are being escorted by a Legion destroyer, the Zafirah, and we make the final jump immediately after her."
The urgency of the present: Flashing red and white lights, blaring alarms, a heavy head, unresponsive limbs. You must have come out of stasis too soon. No orders, no updates - just the cold floor beneath your feet and a body reluctant to move. Your fingers remember the code to your footlocker, and you clumsily put on your gear. You ask for more light, your voice hoarse. Nothing happens. You call out to the central computer but get no answer. You look at the spiral staircase climbing upward into the dark. Flashing white pulses in the red light strips along the floor.
Emergency lighting.

The colony in the Taoan system transmits a distress call and goes silent. On Coriolis station, the factions scramble to put together a rescue mission focused on the Ghazali, a decommissioned cruise liner. The PCs are members of the rescue team and put ice before the jump to Taoan, but something goes terribly wrong before they reach their destination. They wake up to alrms in the darkness on a crippled ship. What has happened? Can they survive the last voyae of the Ghazali?

- An intense race against time in three acts onboard an luxury cruise liner.
- Floor plans of the Ghazali.
- Floor plans of the Fatima's Bounty freight ship.
- A description of the Hamura system.

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