Chipping Medium 17ML

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Chipping medium

A chipping fluid is a type of acrylic paint or medium that can be used to create the effects of aging, wear and tear, and weathering effects on models. It can be used to create the appearance of chipped paint, scuffed surfaces, chafed edges, and scratched surfaces on models. It is often used in the modeling of aircraft, military vehicles, space marine armours, and other mechanical objects. Acrylic chipping medium is a popular choice as it is easy to use, dries quickly, and is compatible with acrylic paints. 

Valid for brush and airbrush.

Content: 1 bottle of 17 ml.


  1. Apply a layer of Chipping on the area to be aged.
  2. Paint normally on top and then rub the area with a damp brush to lift the paint. The effect is immediate.
  3. Once the effect is achieved you can varnish to protect the area.


1. The chipping effect can diminish its effect if it is allowed to dry too long before applying the paint. Ideally, let it dry for a few minutes depending on the amount applied.

2. The greater the amount applied, the greater the chipping, so if not enough is applied, the effect may not be produced.

3. Do not dilute the Chipping medium to avoid applying an insufficient amount of product.

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