Cartes Sur Table (French) (Used)

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Cartes sur table (French idiom for "Lay cards on the table") is a light party game where you get to find what "habits" match each player.

The game plays in 4 rounds. Each round has 2 phases.

1- Each player receives as many habit cards as there are players around the table. E.g.: 4 cards for 4 players. "You are always late", "You cheat at games", "You have the same Pink Floyd t-shirt since 1994".
Each player give to OTHER players the card of his hand that fits him best. Therefore, in a 4 player game, you give 3 cards (and receive 3). The last one is discarded.

2- In turns, each player reveals the cards he has received. All players (including the "concerned" one) secretly vote for the best matching habit. Players who voted for the most popular score one point. The chosen card is then kept by the player for the fourth round.
NOTE: The vote from the concerned player count as 1 vote only. He does not choose the habit alone, but he breaks ties.

On the fourth round, instead of distributing new habit cards, players skip the first phase and use the cards selected in the 3 first rounds. Each good vote is worth 2 points for this last round.

Player with the most point wins.

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