BattleCON: Trials of Indines

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BattleCON: Trials of Indines brings 10 new fighters to the roster. Every character can utilize at least 35 different moves in combat, and each brings a powerful new play mechanic to the table that completely changes the game and forces you to fight in different ways. Unleash psionic powers, clone yourself, steal opponent's skills, and even resurrect from death to achieve victory!

10 Fighters to master, each with a new mechanic that changes the game!

Designed for new players and veterans alike. BattleCON: Trials features a quick-start guide to teach you the game, and a cast of wildly different fighters to explore.

Endless replay value. With nearly a hundred matchups to explore and master, there's always a new challenge to overcome in BattleCON

Integrated storage solution for easy out-of-the-box play. Take your game with you anywhere. Set up and play in moments.

A standalone game in the BattleCON universe

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