Arctic Scavengers Bundle (Used)

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This bundle contains the following:

  • Arctic Scavengers (Base Game) (2009)
  • Arctic Scavengers: HQ Expansion (2011)
  • Arctic Scavengers: Recon Expansion (2015)

***Condition Notes: Missing 1 Hardy Scavenger card. Only comes with Arctic Scavengers Recon box (see photos). All cards are sleeved.***

Publisher description of Arctic Scavengers base game:

In the year 2097, the entire Earth was enveloped in a cataclysmic shift in climate, plunging the globe into another ice age. Nearly 90% of the world’s population was eliminated, driving the survivors to band together into loose communities and tribes.

In Arctic Scavengers, you are the leader of a small tribe of survivors. Resources, tools, medicine, and mercenaries are all in scarce supply. You and your tribe are pitted against up to four other tribes in a fight for survival. Build up your tribe, skirmish against other players head-to-head, or even bluff your way to victory.

The player with the largest tribe at the end of the game is declared the winner!

Publisher description of Arctic Scavengers HQ Expansion:

In this first expansion for Arctic Scavengers, the concept of tribe leader roles is added, providing each player with unique capabilities. Additionally, players each maintain a base camp (HQ) that can be upgraded adding an additional dimension to the game. An official 2-player variant is included with this game.

The game consists of a 54-card deck containing:

  • 10 Tribe Leader roles (providing unique player powers)
  • 4 Buildings to flesh out your headquarters
  • 3 Gangs (end-game victory condition similar to Catan's 'Largest Army' or 'Longest Road')
  • 2 Mercenaries (Medic and Engineer)
  • 2 New Tools (Rifle and Toolkit)
  • A handful of additional Pills and Medkits (to balance out the new tools and keep the ratio in check)

Publisher description of Arctic Scavengers Recon Expansion:

The world of Arctic Scavengers pits players against one another in an attempt to survive a post-apocalyptic ice age. As the competing tribes developed and grew, headquarters were established for each tribe (supported via the HQ expansion included with the Arctic Scavengers base game from Rio Grande Games).

As the tribes have evolved further and struggled for dominance, information has become the most valuable currency. In the new world mapped out in Arctic Scavengers: Recon, deception reigns, leading to a need for reconnaissance. This expansion adds new tribe leader roles, new mercenaries, new equipment, and new levels of player interaction (i.e., new ways to make your opponents feel pain).

Arctic Scavengers: Recon comes with a plastic insert to organize the cards (including those from the base game and HQ expansion) for ease in play set-up.

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