Acererak's Treasure Pack

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Acererak’s Treasure is a blind purchase dice SKU where customers draw a random Treasure Pack from a gravity feed countertop display (PDQ) with artwork based on the Tomb of Horrors classic adventure. The front of the cardboard display is modeled to feature the infamous Great Green Devil sculpture from the Tomb of Horrors. Customers will reach into the mouth to randomly choose a Treasure Pack. Each Treasure Pack comes with: one random dice set, one D&D coin, and one embroidered D&D bag.

  • Over 60 possible dice sets at launch, ranging in rarity from Common to Legendary
  • 18 unique coins: ability coins are randomly distributed, odds of Sphere of Annihilation coin are 1:50.
  • 5 different possible embroidered D&D dice bags
  • Each Treasure Pack has a value of $19.99USD or higher.

Dice set odds are:

  • Common - 1:2.22
  • Uncommon - 1:2
  • Rare - 1:25
  • Legendary - 1:100

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