Star Wars: Unlimited Casual Saturday

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What Weekly Play Entails 

There are two key elements of Casual Saturday events: they are casual and they are welcoming. The events are designed to be simple and fun for everyone. Anyone can attend them regardless of skill level.

On that note, even though “play” is part of their name, Weekly Play events do not actually require any gameplay. To participate in Weekly Play, a player only needs to engage with Star Wars: Unlimited in some way. That includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Playing a game of Star Wars: Unlimited
  • Entering a Star Wars: Unlimited Booster Draft Event 
  • Teaching someone how to play Star Wars: Unlimited 
  • Trading Star Wars: Unlimited cards 
  • Opening Star Wars: Unlimited booster packs 
  • Participating in a casual Star Wars: Unlimited tournament 

Format Overview

The primary format of Star Wars: Unlimited Casual Saturday is the "Premier" constructed format.

The Premier format operates under the following rules:

  • Your deck must consist of exactly one leader, exactly one base, and a minimum 50-card draw deck. You can also have a sideboard of up to 10 non-leader, non-base cards.
  • Your draw deck cannot include more than three copies of any one card.  
  • Playing a game in the event is quick and easy as each round will be 1 match of 25min. You can always ask your opponent for a rematch.


Always Games will be giving each player one special "Spark of Rebellion: Weekly Play 3-Card Booster" to each player, while supplies last. The Spark of Rebellion Weekly Play 3-Card Boosters are exclusive to Weekly Play. They including some special alternate-art cards and Hyperspace variants of cards that normally can’t have one!

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