Templar Intrigue (Used)

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Like Werewolf, Templar Intrigue is a game of hidden information, partial information, deduction, deception, and accusations. Unlike Werewolf, Templar Intrigue does not require a moderator, has no player elimination, and plays VERY fast.

Players in Templar Intrigue are split into two teams — those loyal to France (and thus King Phillip), and those loyal to the Templars — and of course, you might not know who is on your team. After dealing out the cards, you go through a series of information reveals, then you start trying to sway Phillip to believe what you want the King to believe...

After a certain amount of discussion and at the discretion of His Majesty King Phillip IV, one monk looks at another player's card. This is followed by more discussion, then another monk looks and reports back.

Once all of the monks have spied on another player and reported back, more discussion takes place, then at the discretion of His Majesty, two players are identified. If Phillip finds the Temple Grandmaster and the Archivist, then Phillip and those loyal to France (blue team) win the round; if not, then those loyal to the Templars (red team) win the round.

As soon as one (or more) players have won three times, the game ends with those players being victorious.

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