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Recommended Age: 10 +

Recommended Players: 2 - 8 Players

Playing time: 30 - 60 minutes

A quiz game for the whole family where you bet on your chance to answer better than a monkey.

How to Play:

A quiz game with many twists. The questions challenge your preconceived ideas. The answer alternatives are given before you get to hear the question. All players take part in every question. You can play using Events and Secret missions. The player in the lead sets their answers in public view. These characteristics of the game lets you have some extra levels of strategy. And some extra levels of flexibility to how you win, which makes it more inclusive to those who may not be fans of quiz games normally.

There are 8 categories of questions in the game:

  • Plants & Animals
  • Media & Games
  • Film & Music
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Society & History
  • Geography & Travel
  • Art & Literature
  • Technology & Science

The base game can be expanded with question expansions. The expansions are playable in themselves as small travel friendly versions of Smarter than a Monkey and can be used to replace a category of the base game. Enrich your mind with surprising facts and have a great time together in one of the most ambitiously designed quiz games yet!


  • Quiz board
  • Question cards
  • Event cards
  • Secret mission cards
  • Fruit tokens
  • Answer markers
  • Deck boxes

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