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Set in a grim world of technology, ancient magic, and dark corruption, Mindburners is a cyber-occult dungeon runner game for 1-4 players.

As void runners, you and your opponents must arm yourselves with powerful abilities, push your luck to delve deeper into the void to gather vital energy resources, overcome treacheries and monstrous obstacles, and be the first to gain enough victory points to escape and seal the void forever.


Each void run begins with a preparation phase, where players draw a hand of ability cards and may choose to spend stored energy or health to boost before the next run. When preparation is over, the run begins.

During each turn of the void run, players will flip over the next card in the 10-card void deck, and all must resolve that card (take damage if it's a creature, draw and resolve a dice roll event card, or gain victory points based on the card revealed).

Once a void run card is resolved, all players who remain alive in the void must then choose whether to leave the void and bank their stored energy for the next run (they gain one per void run card successfully cleared) or to push their luck and prepare to resolve the next void card.

Deciding when and how far to push your luck is doubly intense and gripping, because all players are armed with a small hand of unique ability cards each run. These cards have lots of powers, which range from preventing damage and skipping void events, to messing with other players and causing havoc for their opponents (or preventing opponents from messing with them).

Abilities can be played at almost any time during the run. When multiple players fire abilities that would negate or impact another player's abilities, the abilities are resolved in instant reverse order (like instants in Magic: The Gathering).

Any player who survives the entire 10-card run gains additional victory points and other perks.

Players continue the Preparation -> Void Run loop until someone reaches 10 victory points.

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