Blood Bowl Amazon Team Dice Set

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Key Features

  • Seven jade-coloured dice with golden pips, including two 6-sided dice measuring 16mm along each edge
  • Features the Amazon logo on the 6 face
  • Claim victory for the goddess Rigg with this complete set of themed dice

Bring the power of Lustria's hidden protectors to the fields of Blood Bowl with this set of themed dice. Cast in pearlescent jade plastic with gold-coloured ink, these dice resemble precious artifacts from ancient temples. Each of the D6s also features the sunburst skull icon of the Amazon team on each 6 face.

This set contains all of the dice you need to play. It includes:
– 3x Blood Bowl Block dice
– 2x 6-sided dice with the Amazon team icon in place of the 6 face
– 1x 8-sided Blood Bowl Scatter dice
– 1x 16-sided dice

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